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less than 1 minute read

Introducing Beastiary, a package designed for visualising and analysing MCMC trace files generated from Bayesian phylogenetic analyses.

Your Virologist Friend

4 minute read

Here are a few post I’ve made about the ongoing pandemic. 20th of October 2021 - Vaccines We are marching towards reopening, however, when we do everything...

Integrating qsub with RStudio

10 minute read

In a previous post, I explained how to run RStudio on the compute nodes of the HPC. I am going to continue on this theme and explore some of the interesting ...

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monitauR 🐮

3 minute read

Introducing MonitauR, a package to easily and remotely monitor the progress of your R scripts.

RStudio on the HPC

1 minute read

This post details how to get RStudio server running on the compute nodes of the HPC. This is achieved though a combination of singularity and ssh commands. ...

Vectorising chisq.test()

4 minute read

Writing fast code is actually about writing efficient code. Writing code in R doesn’t magically make electrons slower. The perceived slowness of higher-level...

Using VScode to access the HPC

2 minute read

One of the biggest hurdles to using a high performance computer (HPC) is the user interface. Researchers have to ssh into the HPC via the command line. This ...

pyoinformatics 🐍

1 minute read

Introducing pyoinformatics, a simple bioinformatics package. pip install pyoinformatics I’m working on the bioinformatics problems on Some o...

Interactive diagnostic test statistics

2 minute read

I’ve been watching a lot of coding train, and it has got me keen to do something with the javascipt library P5.js. My housemate has been learning about diagn...

init blog

less than 1 minute read

Hi! This is the first post on my blog. Hopefully more to follow :)

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